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Current state[edit]

  • Suggestions are described in detail.
  • Coding has been done which should perform all exercises.
    • Coding is syntactically correct and complete.
    • For some simple cases the new code has been tested locally.
    • More sophisticated examples need to be designed now in order to detect obstacles.
  • A statement on performance can't be made at this stage.

Management issues[edit]

In order to turn this into reality, some steps are to be made:

  • A decision is to be prepared whether the proposal is welcome and there should be developed something like WindiffLX.
    • Most of the suggestions have an independent implementation. Some ideas might have been bounced back.
  • At a certain state it might be declared that the code seems to work fine locally.
  • If no one else played in the sandbox I might be obliged to apply for a commit access for SVN.
  • If sufficient, a windiffLX could be set on SVN and performance tests are required in testwiki / prototype wiki.
  • Review should be surveyed by Tim Starling.
  • Some branching might be necessary, also maintaining credits to wikidiff2.
  • If everybody is happy, the call on the server may be switched from 2 into LX, falling back if major complaints arrive.
  • I do not ask for any licenses, royalties or anything else. Just put a comment line into sources mentioning PerfektesChaos@de.wikipedia giving me eternal life in the hall of fame. Use any GPL, CC-BY-SA or whatever as desired.