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Technical documentation refers to any documentation that contains information regarding a technical product, process, or task.

Documentation for Wikimedia projects is widely spread across different wiki's and websites. This page focuses on technical documentation for MediaWiki and related software.

Documentation pages[edit]

Documentation structure[edit]

  • On
    • A Technical Manual for information about the MediaWiki Software.
    • Project based documentation. This includes user guides, API documentation, tutorials, development information and reference materials related to specific projects.
    • Help pages contain end-user specific documentation and Special pages provide some on-demand documentation.
  • Auto-generated API documentation:
  • Documentation generated from the source code of MediaWiki:
  • Text files in the /docs directory of MediaWiki’s source tree have code related information.

Supporting resources include blogs, talk pages and discussion forums.

Documentation audiences[edit]

Primary users of the MediaWiki documentation and the most useful set of pages for each user-group are listed below.

Hackathons and Outreach[edit]