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For the past two weeks I waited for people's opinions/insights about the revert definition in this Phabricator task. I received some very useful suggestions from the Product Analytics team and I also thought about some of the requirements and how to (roughly) meet them. As I promised two weeks ago, I wrapped up this task recently and wrote down the set of requirements that seems to be the most sensible one, including suggestions made by others.

I also did some more technical research, mostly by reading old Phabricator tasks and Gerrit patches of people that have previously attempted solving related problems. Those tries were done before MCR was introduced, which changed a lot of stuff in the storage and page editing components. Nevertheless, some of the previous findings were very useful.

I wrote down the requirements and an initial technical design in this Phabricator task that will help me track my progress implementing the new feature.

In the next two weeks I'll want to start implementing the reverted tag and it's programmatic interface. I think this will unfortunately require one big Gerrit patch to kick things off, but later additional features can be added in much smaller patches. I will also want to see what my mentors have to say about this :)

Ostrzyciel (talk) 13:46, 31 May 2020 (UTC)