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Ugh, I'm two days late with this blog. I was quite busy with work and other matters and I simply forgot to write it.

Anyway, some things got merged, including bugfixes and the manual revert tag, which should be soon making its way to Wikipedia. There was even an issue on production where users of all Wikimedia sites received e-mail informing them about some old edits over and over again. The issue was related to the Echo extension and the handling of null edits in PageUpdater. Thankfully, once we had found the culprit, I was able to make a patch that fixed it.

I continued to work on the reverted tag and it by itself should be mostly ready to merge. The problem is I am worried it can cause issues with how people could misuse it and do vandalism. I am currently working on a few tasks that hopefully will make it much sturdier. The problem is admittedly very hard and it will probably take me considerable time to get through it.

I started working on the maintenance script for populating manual revert and reverted edit tags on historic edits. It's not that hard, just tedious. The work is stalled by the above issues, though, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete it before the end of the internship, I may have to change the schedule a bit.

As a bonus, I started working on EventBus's revision/create event, which is used by Analytics heavily. We are aiming to incorporate the data about reverts we are now able to collect into the event stream. Working with the data collection code is quite interesting actually, especially for me, as I study Data Science. :)

There's only a month left and quite a lot of difficult problems to solve. Let's see how much will I manage to get through :) Ostrzyciel (talk) 18:37, 30 July 2020 (UTC)