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About me Clarification

I am a graduate student in computer science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I am interested in wikis and in other methods of thinking, discussion, knowledge management, and creating ideas by groupthink. I started working with Wikis as an undergraduate student when I built a site for my debate club in Tel Aviv. In the last six years I continued to study and programmed in MediaWiki, but at low intensity, due to more pressing obligations. Only in 2012 I managed to make time to really learn deeply on wikis. But I wasted a lot of my time for development on a branch that was abandoned at the end: SMW +. I guess that's part of the risk of contributing to an open source product. Fortunately I heard that now there is an initiative to reuse at least some of the capabilities developed for the SMW+. Perhaps not all is lost. But some of my code is available as an independent extension. And you can contact me via email and ask for help or for more extensionsץ

Feel free to contact me with any questions by email Mail:

This page and my activities in MediaWiki represent me alone, and are preform voluntary on my free time. They are in no way represent my current (or any previous) employer or any other governmental, academic or business organization where I was or will belong to in the future, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

 Also even though I try to help as best as I could, and check the correctness of my words and the integrity of the code I write, I provide my code and advice with no obligation, not even for best efforts, unless explicitly stated otherwise. And of course all the code I post here is open source under the GPL.

Some of my code contributions to MediaWiki[edit]

  1. Any file type gets its own Tag in extension: page schema
  2. ReorderParserPhases,
  3. Fix bug Can't upload file with non-ASCII name (eg cyrillic) on Windows host
  4. How to Localization SMW+ Manual, and a translation of the interface and terminology into Hebrew.

Unfortunately the company went bankrupt shortly after I sent them the translation. Although the product continues under a different company, but I Can not guarantee the manual is true for the newer versions of SMW+. Anyway anyone interested in SMW+ is welcome to consult with me.

Links to information on the semantic Wikimedia[edit]

Large MediaWiki Sites[edit] - A wiki about mw sites - The best smw sites - Search smw sites by the extension they use - A host site for mw sites

Large MediaWiki Sites in Hebrew[edit]

A website on books and authors, written using semantic Wikimedia software

A site dedicated to civil rights and social rights in Israel, with a unique skin, but based on Wikimedia

What is the Semantic web[edit]

As usual the best explanation is in Wikipedia

Wikipedia page also contains links to many articles and sites are explained in depth the concepts related to the Web 3.0 and semantic web. But if you want to understand it more quickly, you should watch some of the short videos I collected, that explain the issue in less than 5 minutes.


What is an ontology

Intro to Semantic Technology in the DoD Business Mission Area

Evolution Web 1.0, Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

A short video about semantic web

Examples of Semantic MediaWiki functionality in real sites[edit]

All form result formats samples

Facts box[edit]

NLP (Natural Language Processing)[edit]

Drill down[edit]

Semantic search[edit][[Category%3AAll+Good+Eats]]%0D%0A&po=%3FCity%0D%0A%3FCountry%0D%0A%3FPrice+Range%0D%0A&eq=yes&p[format]=broadtable&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p[limit]=500&p[offset]=&p[link]=all&p[sort]=&p[order][ascending]=1&p[headers]=show&p[mainlabel]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[searchlabel]=%E2%80%A6+further+results&p[default]=&p[class]=sortable+wikitable+smwtable&eq=yes

[[[Category:All+Good+Eats]] &po=?City ?Country ?Price+Range &eq=yes&p[format]=broadtable&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p[limit]=500&p[offset]=&p[link]=all&p[sort]=&p[order][ascending]=1&p[headers]=show&p[mainlabel]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[searchlabel]=…+further+results&p[default]=&p[class]=sortable+wikitable+smwtable&eq=yes Simple table query]

[[[Category:All+Good+Eats]] [[Country::Israel]]+ &po=?Country ?City ?Location &eq=yes&p[format]=table&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p[limit]=50&p[offset]=&p[link]=all&p[sort]=&p[order][ascending]=1&p[headers]=show&p[mainlabel]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[searchlabel]=…+further+results&p[default]=&p[class]=sortable+wikitable+smwtable&eq=yes Same query but filter result: only from Israel]

[[[Category:Fish]] [[Difficulty::Very+Easy||Easy]]&po=?Availability ?Difficulty &sort_num=&order_num=ASC&eq=yes&p[format]=broadtable&p[limit]=500&p[headers]=&p[mainlabel]=&p[link]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[default]=&eq=yes Filter by limited allowed value list] - Embedded query inside a page.

Semantic search result as a map[edit]

Semantic search result as a text/coordinates table:[[Category:All+Good+Eats]] [[Country::Israel]]+ &po=?Coordinates &eq=yes&p[format]=googlemaps3&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p[limit]=50&p[offset]=&p[link]=all&p[sort]=&p[order][ascending]=1&p[headers]=show&p[mainlabel]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[searchlabel]=…+further+results&p[default]=&p[geoservice]=geonames&p[zoom]=&p[width]=auto&p[height]=350&p[centre]=&p[type]=roadmap&p[zoomstyle]=default&p[typestyle]=default&p[autoinfowindows]=0&p[kml]=&p[gkml]=&p[fusiontables]=&p[resizable]=0&p[tilt]=0&p[kmlrezoom]=0&p[poi]=1&p[imageoverlays]=&p[markercluster]=0&p[searchmarkers]=&p[staticlocations]=&p[icon]=&p[visitedicon]=&p[forceshow]=1&p[showtitle]=1&p[hidenamespace]=0&p[template]=&p[title]=&p[label]=&p[lines]=&p[polygons]=&p[circles]=&p[rectangles]=&eq=yes

Same result as a map:[[Category%3AAll+Good+Eats]]%0D%0A[[Country%3A%3AIsrael]]+%0D%0A&po=%3FCoordinates%0D%0A&eq=yes&p[format]=googlemaps3&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p[limit]=50&p[offset]=&p[link]=all&p[sort]=&p[order][ascending]=1&p[headers]=show&p[mainlabel]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[searchlabel]=%E2%80%A6+further+results&p[default]=&p[geoservice]=geonames&p[zoom]=&p[width]=auto&p[height]=350&p[centre]=&p[type]=roadmap&p[zoomstyle]=default&p[typestyle]=default&p[autoinfowindows]=0&p[kml]=&p[gkml]=&p[fusiontables]=&p[resizable]=0&p[tilt]=0&p[kmlrezoom]=0&p[poi]=1&p[imageoverlays]=&p[markercluster]=0&p[searchmarkers]=&p[staticlocations]=&p[icon]=&p[visitedicon]=&p[forceshow]=1&p[showtitle]=1&p[hidenamespace]=0&p[template]=&p[title]=&p[label]=&p[lines]=&p[polygons]=&p[circles]=&p[rectangles]=&eq=yes

More examples

Compound query with different colors

Category:Maps examples

Semantic search result as image gallery[edit]

[[[Category:City]] &po=?Population &eq=yes&p[format]=gallery&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p[limit]=&p[offset]=&p[link]=all&p[sort]=&p[headers]=show&p[mainlabel]=&p[intro]=This+is+a+gallery+caption&p[outro]=&p[searchlabel]=…+further+results&p[default]=&p[class]=sortable+wikitable+smwtable&p[widget]=&p[navigation]=nav&p[perrow]=&p[widths]=&p[heights]=&p[captionproperty]=&p[imageproperty]=&p[redirects]=&eq=yes This is a gallery caption]

Category:Gallery examples

Semantic search result as different graph formats[edit]


timeseries format: time chart with two lines + original data source + comments + tabs

Demo:Dygraphs/Annotate gas chromatogram

Demo:Dygraphs/Spectral Distribution Curves[[Category:Energy+Generation+Facilities]]&po=?GeneratingCapacity &sort[0]=GeneratingCapacity&order[0]=DESC&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&eq=yes&p[format]=broadtable&p[limit]=10&p[headers]=&p[mainlabel]=&p[link]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[default]=&eq=yes Simple number table] --> [[[Category:Energy+Generation+Facilities]]&po=?AvgTempGeoFluidIntoPlant &sort[0]=AvgTempGeoFluidIntoPlant&order[0]=DESC&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&eq=yes&p[format]=google-piechart&p[limit]=3&p[headers]=&p[mainlabel]=&p[link]=&eq=yes Pie chart[[Category:Energy+Generation+Facilities]]&po=?GeneratingCapacity &sort[0]=GeneratingCapacity&order[0]=DESC&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&eq=yes&p[format]=google-pie&p[limit]=10&p[height]=&p[width]=&eq=yes Simple number table 2] --> [[[Category:Energy+Generation+Facilities]]&po=?GeneratingCapacity &eq=yes&p[format]=jqplotchart&sort[0]=GeneratingCapacity&order[0]=DESC&sort_num=&order_num=ASC&p[limit]=10&p[offset]=&p[link]=all&p[sort]=GeneratingCapacity&p[headers]=show&p[mainlabel]=&p[intro]=&p[outro]=&p[searchlabel]=…+further+results&p[default]=&p[distributionsort]=none&p[distributionlimit]=&p[min]=&p[direction]=vertical&p[charttitle]=&p[charttext]=&p[numbersaxislabel]=&p[labelaxislabel]=&p[height]=400&p[width]=100%25&p[valueformat]=%25d&p[ticklabels]=1&p[theme]=&p[filling]=1&p[chartlegend]=none&p[datalabels]=value&p[colorscheme]=&p[chartcolor]=&p[class]=&p[charttype]=bar&eq=yes jqPlot Chart

Semantic search result as calendar[edit]

Demo:Event calendar – different color and icon for each type event

Display result of two queries in one calendar, each result in different color.

a Recurring event For example:Meet bob every Sunday at 8:00.

More formats for Semantic search result[edit]

Demo:Listwidget alphabetic list

Demo:Tagcloud, all

Help:Slideshow format

[1] Energy Resources Data import online from other site, update in realtime.

[2] Result from several queries combines


Semantic Social tools and alternatives[edit]


SMW+ example sites[edit]

Other uses of Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

Enterprise architecture

Open source global map

Math proof wiki

Client case study: The USA government[edit]

After 9/11 in an Attempt to improve the knowledge management inside it’s intelligence organizations the U.S. government began to use software for creating websites Wikimedia management and knowledge sharing among employees of various intelligence agencies.

Everybody is using wiki:

Who is using wiki, and for what.

United States Intelligence Community - Intellipedia

United States Department of StateDiplopedia

United States Department of Defense - DoDTechipedia

As you can learn from this video, the wiki and the web increase intelligent capabilities.

And some more examples

And for that purpose it even sends it agents to special courses on how to use Web 2.0.

It also increase its information security, and help it to avoid the next wikileak (despite the names similarity wikileaks and mediawiki have nothing in common). According to interviews with senior Foreign Ministry:

  1. Guarding the State Department's Secrets
  2. What's Changed Since WikiLeaks
  3. to avoid the next wikileak



Interview tube with Intellipedia initiators, or in youtube

A short video about the collaboration intelligent .

CIA Fighting Terrorists on Social Media 

Google and Intellipedia


A lecture video about stat department wiki: diplopedia. Works only on internet explorer?!?



Interesting designs (skins) for MediaWiki[edit]

The skin (design) determines the appearance of the wiki, the menus and shortcuts that appear around each page. The Wikipedia skin, MonoBook, is the most famous skin, but far from been the only skin, or even the most beautiful useful skin. In here there are links to many examples of wikis with different skin (designs from all around the web:

Sites that are using original skins[edit]

A French Children wiki, that look and feel like an iPhone app.

University wiki site

Company that design MediaWiki Skins Round skin used by microformats

Dark skin used by Hackerspaces

You would not believe this site is MediaWiki[edit]

Collection of MediaWiki skins[edit]!topic/tech-for-sustainability-wikis/GgjkGYhYMEc


Special features in Wikimedia skins[edit]

Toggle between the two skins

How to write a new MediaWiki skin[edit]

 Working with MediaWiki - Yaron Koren new book about mediawiki.

More skins[edit]

Index of software and sites that use Wiki methodology[edit] - Huge site to compare wiki software - A wiki site about wikis - A wiki site about mediawiki sites - The Wiki Features wiki – Another site about wiki - Conference on Wiki - From Wikipedia site

Companies that operate in the area[edit] (Continues the SMW+ project)

A list of companies from all over the world in

Companies in Israel[edit] חברת אקטיב-טק מפעילה את אתר [../../]

Jobs for Wikimedia developers[edit]

Semantic MediaWiki Packages[edit]


Wiki revolution in our lives[edit] - Imagine a world where every word and phrase that is said or written is attached to its dictionary definition link (or any other definition the speaker chose to give it the context of the court when he said the word). No more misunderstandings or deliberate evasions, the exact meaning of what is being said. Just think how this will affect the promises of politicians before the election. Link To the memory manifesto.pdf manifest file.

Hierarchical File Systems are dead - File management as performed today on pc is perhaps fit to computer software and hard drives capabilities and users’ needs as they were 20 years ago. But are misfit to today abilities and needs, in the era of the global internet and user friendly interfaces. Today we still use the old hierarchical arrangement of files and folders. Each file is contained by only one folder, which itself is contained in only one folder, etc… so each file as a single path to it.

In the future we shell manage every hard drive with a browser and database software. Each file will have a unique url inside the computer (End to broken Links after a file was moved to another folder or a folder name in its path was changed) and the same file will belong to many hierarchies. Similar to pages and categories in a wiki site.

It will also improve search and file management. And of course, no more duplicate files on your computer, and any file will have its complete edit history, and several users could work on the same file from different account at the same time, like in a version control software (svn, git)..

It so clear that we need it, and so easy to implement, that it is not clear what take it so long to be the default choice in file management?

Wiki as a personal diary, link2