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DSThis user likes the TV show series Designated Survivor

Hi, I am Nestor Lozano, also known as Catalan. I am an infamous traitor in the Designated Survivor TV series.

Just kidding!

I am not the actor who plays Nestor Lozano, I've just chosen this as my username.

Contacting me

I can be contacted via the following methods:

  • My user talk page - this is where most messages should go, although keep in mind that inappropriate or confusing messages will be removed
  • On Freenode IRC - recommended for matters that can't be discussed on-wiki or matters that otherwise need real-time communication. I can be found in the channels following channels:
My nickname is Catalan or Catalan|away. Note that the latter probably means that I'm not looking at the chat.
  • Via email - please only use this for private matters.