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Name: Neeraj Agarwal


Project Title: Extend Maps and Semantic Maps extension, Add support for KML/GeoRSS, Integrate Thematic Mappings API, Add support for Google Earth API

Contact/ Working info[edit]

Timezone: +0530 GMT

Typical working hours: 1300-0200 (flexible)

IRC: Nealindia


Project Summary[edit]

I am proposing on building and extending the Maps extension & Semantic Maps. The idea is to extend the Google Maps API, support for Google Earth API, Thematic mapping, KML and GeoRSS Support.

The Maps extension currently support point wise display of markers on the map as well as provide support for geocoding service.

A simple example of a Thematic mapping would be: where the user just need to provide the data source and then using the Google Earth APIs, the map would be drawn and relevant data (as given in the data source) would be shown.

Also, an example for GeoRSS would be where a user can use his existing Flickr account as the feed source (GeoRSS) and display it on the map.

Another feature is to add directions onto the map. User would easily be able to show directions between two points on the map.

For all above features, an easy to implement way would be instrumented for the user to add a Map.

Here is a list of planned features that will be integrated in the currect Maps and Semantic Maps extension:

1) Extend Google Maps API with:

Drawing Polylines
Drawing Polygones
Ground Overlays
Tile Overlays
Further geocoding features / Reverse Geocoding / Extract Structured Data / Geocoding Cache
Street View support / User photos capability / Querying Street View
KML and GeoRSS overlays
Traffic Overlays
Directions & Routes support

2) Support of Google Earth API:

Line String
Ground Overlays
Screen Overlays
3D models
Camera Controls
Ocean capabilities
Touring support
Time support (create video-like map)

3) Themantic Mapping API:

Choropleth map
Prism map
Propotional Symbol
Pie Chart map

4) KML and GeoRSS support for all current maps

About me[edit]

I am a third year student from BITS-Pilani BITS-Pilani India. Computer programming is what makes me crazy and am doing it for my last 10 years of my life and loving it! I have been involved and using many Open source packages like LAMP, Linux, etc and now I think it's time to return something back to this large community by being the part of itself.

I would love to be a part of MediaWiki and GSoC and spend my summers writing lots of code for the MediaWiki community and helping making the sum of all human knowledge available to everyone. Once we get done with this project, it would be making a good impact on Wikipedia's articles and making it easier for people to visualise the facts about a place, monument, building, or whatever.

I am experienced with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, C incl. Network Programming (TCP/ UDP), Java and have good experience in working with many other APIs including Google Maps which will help me a lot in this project.


I would deliver an extended version of Maps extension with the above mentioned new features.

Required deliverables[edit]

• Extension of Google Maps API

• Support of Google Earth API

• Thematic Mapping

If time permits[edit]

• Integrating other map services as well.

Project schedule[edit]

1 Week: Discussing and talking with the community

2-3 Weeks for extending with Google Maps API

2-3 Weeks for support with Google Earth API

2-3 Weeks for Thematic Mapping

1 Week for KML & GeoRSS support

1 Week for testing, documentation.


I expect to have regular chats/ conversations with my mentor for guiding me, code reviews as well as discussing new ideas as they might come during the course of the project. I will be maintaining the code on my server for development and trial basis and committing it whenever required. I would mostly be taking help from documentation available online, my mentor and through the IRC channel.

Past open source experience[edit]

I have a lot of experience in working with many Open Source technologies like LAMP, Java, etc Have implemented prototypes of many networking protocols like SMTP, DNS, HTTP incl. CGI support, DHCP, etc I have also coded 12 modules for the Joomla/ Virtuemart community for which the link is:

I have experience with the Google Maps APIs in using it for one of my project at which involves using markers, pop-ups, geocoding services. Have mostly used JS for this and LAMP. It's still under development phase.

Any other info[edit]

I love to code most of the time inspite of heave academic load. I have done many courses like Artificial Intelligence, Network Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Data Processing etc which have contributed to my strong logical skills. I have won several competitions at my school and my college. Have worked on many other open source projects like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenSocial, Facebook API, Twitter API, MySpace APIs, etc.