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Just here to improve badly written documentation, add workarounds where necessary, explain why mediawiki is what it is, and isn't what it isn't, so it gets the right users and continues to spread. I have no interest in becoming part of any "community", please focus on the edits only please, improve as required.

My objective is to get to a Manual that is professionally written & contains links out to good threads on StackOverflow (and nothing else) for common problems. I would hope that we can get all useful information off minor forums like YahooAnswers, Quora, etc., so that no one ever has to read those walled gardens to find out anything they need to know about mediawiki.

I've used jamwiki, tikiwiki, MoinMoin, c2, etc., and consider all these obsolete. There is but one wikitext & mediawiki is its prophet. Jamwiki however was immensely useful and the project should not have died, an embeddable minimal wikitext Java or JavaScript based interface that can store wikitext pages as flat files, would be ideal to replace crappy incompatible wiki formats.

Main pet peeve is very bad usability problems in mediawiki that continue to persist despite being easy to fix. A very good list of these was created for older mediawiki (1.4 or so) and has barely been updated since, would be ideal to improve it, see page mediawiki gronks