Hello there,

Hello, I'm Christy (I go by memeht on IRC), and I am primarily a Data Analyst. The information revolution means that we have on-demand access to many services, and the data we emit while using those services can itself shed light unto how we access what we do, and ways to improve the whole process.

I also program, mostly as an aid to Data Analysis projects and as a side hobby, in Python, Javascript and R.

I am also a Wiki-holic. I love the idea of having a resource accessible to all and editable by anyone interested. At any hour in the working day, you will most likely find atleast one Wikipedia article tab open on my browser.

I am pretty excited to begin contributing to such a useful resource.

I am currently an Intern of the FOSS OPW Fellowship - Round 9, my application can be found here: Improving the Wikimedia Performance Portal, my progress reports