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Wikipedia is beautiful, and while looking fancy is not one of the main assets of any encyclopedia, emphasizing the strength of Wikipedia through clever UI/UX decisions is an asset. This page is a space for community designers, WMF designers, other Wikipedia enthusiast designers and data analytics to gather thoughts around moving forward with UI/UX needed changes, if any.

What do we discuss here?[edit]

  • Interface issues
  • Fonts!
  • Media display
  • Content representation
  • Data representation
  • Templates (e.g. infoboxes) or anything that has a graphical aspect

What do we don't discuss here?[edit]

  • Design theories, and recreating reasoning for web best practices

What does data tell us?[edit]

  • [Example] The lead section of the article (the first screen, no scrolling) is the most viewed section on mobile web
  • [Example] Hamburger icon click through rates are low
  • [Example] Media click through is low on both desktop and mobile web

What can we change?[edit]

  • Do we need to drive further engagement through the lead section?
  • Can we better represent our media?
  • Do we need to change our icons?

Add your name below if you are willing to help[edit]