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This is a religion that was started on the 12/12/17 (The 12 day of December 2017). This religion is where we think Mason Harraway is the God and will one day rule the earth. The original members were Pj, Caleb and Harry. Masonist's are often known for praying at random moments and attempting to please their all powerful amazing, beautiful, majestic , divine, powerful , all might , incredibly handsome , woman respecting god known as Mason!

How to become a Masonist:[edit]

To become a Masonist you have to prove yourself Worthy. In time you will have to say "G" to all the members and Dab at the other members of the cult. You also have to learn either Dutch or German ( If you become a higher tier you have to learn both). Another thing you have yo be able to do is Russian squat which will be covered later. Thing you can not be is a Vegan, a veterinarian a transgender or Gay. Also you can not join if you are Harry Taylor or a Squirrel. Also You CANNOT BE MARRIED.

Where to meet:[edit]

The meeting place is where ever you feel comfortable.