About MediaWiki I have heard a lot, especially because I am a regular reader of Wikipedia, but honestly I never became interested to find out what it is (I really don't know why). So, I get acquainted with that at this year's Google Code-in. Of course, I started from the very first beginning. First of all, I defined what MediaWiki actually is, an open source free software written in PHP, and used mostly for the wiki websites.

When I was introduced to this software, first I started to search was how to install MediaWiki on my computer. I realized that the configuration and installation of the software is a bit complicated (web servers, databases etc.). I understand that MediaWiki is an open-source software, but I still think that maybe this should be a bit simpler so everyone can have access to that.

I haven't installed the software on my PC, so I'm going to talk about MediaWiki in general. Although I haven't installed or worked with the software, I think that it's great. One of the reasons why I think it's great is because of what people are talking. I've read a lot of reviews of experiences that people have had, and I learned a lot about MediaWiki. Good and bad remarks, impressions and frustration, but those are the things that make a software a good one. I think that MediaWiki should be more promoted. More people should learn about the software and its uses. I think it plays a major role in today's IT world, because more and more people create websites and its number grows daily.

Learning about MediaWiki and it's features was so interesting for me. I think it would be for the other people too. I explored this site and so many others. As a student, I think that we (students) should be more introduced to this software, because at school we create and learn how to create websites.

So all of this summarized is that I am very impressed of this software and all of what I learned for it. I really like it, but one of the things that probably I don't like is the installation and the configuration, which I think should be more simpler. Also, I think that MediaWiki is a great software that maybe needs a better promotion in the IT world as a software that can be used from anyone.