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List of things I would like to get done on CentralAuth. Most of these only clean up tech debt.

Replace CentralAuthUtils with a service[edit]

  • Yes Done Gerrit change 651945 Add injectable CentralAuthUtilityService to replace CentralAuthUtils
  • remaining uses
    • In progress In progress CA special pages
    • In progress In progress CA hooks
    • CA antispoof
    • CA jobs
    • CA ID lookup
    • CA session providers
    • CentralAuthUser
    • CA global rename
    • In progress In progress Gerrit change 658037 CA wiki sets
    • CA API
    • CA maintenance scripts
    • CheckUser
    • SecurePoll
    • WikimediaMaintenance
    • Flow
  • Remove

New hook system[edit]

  • In progress In progress
  • WIP patch, needs to be updated to CentralAuthUtilityService

Wiki sets[edit]

Global groups[edit]


  • Remove everything that is not actually related to the user itself
  • Add value objects and a factory
  • Remove users
  • Remove

Test coverage[edit]

Multi datacenter things[edit]

  • task T150506 Import all local names
  • Fix other special pages opening master connections on GETs

Namespace all classes[edit]


  • Rewrite setup docs
  • Figure out how single sign on works and write docs for that


see here

  • 3.16% on 24 January 2021


Maybe split things up in multiple extensions?

  • GlobalRename(Request)
  • Single sign on
    • core has a CentralIdLookup concept, no need to make it CA specific?
  • clean up WikiSet/WikiList/SiteMatrix/$wgConf mess