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I am managing a small and very specialised wiki with the name "Liturgica notata" that wants to gather information about medieval liturgical manuscripts with musical notation. I am a musicologist; I could transcribe most kinds of medieval musical notation, but have never learnd to program anything.

Since we have had a serious spam problem (up to 50 spam accounts/spam entries per day and only one Admin to battle them) I am studying the various Anti-Spam-Extensions on this site. I must admit that I find it sometimes hard to make them work since I've had no experience with .php-files in my former life, and my native language is german, not english. But somehow I must have managed it - my wiki ist spamfree since 2013, September the 17th. QuestyCaptcha must have done the trick.

Unfortunately I discovered that it worked only with the trigger "createaccount", but not with "edit" or "createpage" for unregistered users, which is now a bug at bugzilla.