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November 2019
– Week # 47 –
at 15:49.
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Current facts of Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Friday, 11.22.2019 is today. The first workable Wikimedia software was used on 25. Januar 2002.
  • Active number of articles: 36,323
  • Actual number of pages: 813,652
  • Effective number of files: 3,858
  • Newsworthy number of users: 17,231,603
  • Prevailing number of admins: 207

About me[edit]


I was born in 1992 and I came from Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein. I go to a secondary school (Realschule or Mittelschule), but now I go to the a community school (Gemeinschaftsschule).

My interests have the focuses natural science – biology, chemistry and physics –, mathematics and technics.

My dream job is engineer – renewable and sustainable energy, renewable energy engineer or sustainable energy engineer.
I have already five – six years experience in English and three – four years in French which I acquired at school.

Links and infos[edit]

Rescue the buckeyes and horse-chestnuts (Aesculus)![edit]

Nuclear power doesn’t protect the climate[edit]