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All types of notifications below can be seen on Wikimedia wikis. You can see them on the wiki where you are, from an other wiki cross-wiki notifications or on Special:Notifications page.

Some of these notifications are turned off by default. If you would like to enable any of these notifications (or disable them), you can do so in your preferences, as described further below.

Talk page messages[edit]

New message
New reply
Multiple new messages grouped
New message on a page in a right-to-left language

Message (blue) notification, when a message is left on your user talk page.

Primary information: Message title
Secondary information:
  • in case of a new message: who left the message, and on which page. Links directly to the message.
  • in case of a reply: who replied to the message, and on which page. Links directly to the section title, or, with Flow, to the message itself.
  • in case of multiple new messages or multiples replies, messages may be grouped ("six new messages on [that page]")
Details: link to the user page of the last user who left you a message for that group

This notification replaces the orange bar that used to appear, but you can setup your preferences to have the orange bar.

Page links[edit]

Notifications - Page linked - January 2016.png

Alert (red) notification, when a new link is made to a page you created.

Primary information: The page that you created, and where it was linked from. Links to the page that has the new link.
Details: link to "What links here" page for the targeted page.

Edit reverts[edit]

Notifications - Edit reverted - January 2016.png

Alert (red) notification, when your edits are undone or rolled back.

Primary information: Who reverted you, and where. Links to the diff.
Details: link to the user who reverted you.


Notifications - Mention on a page - January 2016.png

Message (blue) notification, when someone mentions you on a talk page.

Primary information: Who mentioned you, where, and about what. Linked to the page, or to the message on Flow you are mentioned in.
Details: link to the user who mentioned you and the diff where you are mentioned.

Also known as a "ping" or "pinging" (wikt:ping).

To mention another editor and trigger this notification for them, you need to:

  • Link to their username - either link it directly, or with one of the templates that exist on your wiki (many use the {{ping}} or {{reply to}} templates).
  • Sign your comment with ~~~ or ~~~~. Notifications will not be sent if your signature is embedded in a template.
  • Mention a user in the existing or in the new section of the talk page.
  • Only add a link to a user page, your comment and your signature. In particular you should not add nor change content in sections other than the one you add a link to the user.
  • Do not exceed the limit on the number of mentions (currently 50).
  • Notifications are only sent to logged-in users, ie. mentioning anonymous users is not possible.
  • Notifications are not sent if the mentioned user is the owner of the talk page.
  • You cannot ping yourself.

Specific and additional technical details, are at Manual:Echo.


Thank for an edit on a page

Alert (red) notification, when someone thanks you for your edit;

Primary information: Who thanked you, where, and about what. Linked to the diff or to the message on Flow that you are thanked for.
Details: link to the user who thanked you, and if it was on a Flow board to the page.

You can thank someone from any History page, from a diff comparison, in your watchlist, or directly on the page in Flow. Remember this thank is stored in a public log.

User rights changes[edit]

Notifications - Changed rights - January 2016.png

Alert (red) notification, when your user rights change.

Primary information: what has been changed, and by who. Links to Special:UserGroupRights page.
Details: link to the user who changed your rights.


Notifications - Welcome - January 2016.png

Alert (red) notification, when you have just created your account.

Primary information: Welcome!
Links to a welcome page as defined on the wiki configuration (MediaWiki:Notification-welcome-link).

Emails from other users[edit]

Notifications - Email received - January 2016.png

Alert (red) notification, when someone sent you an email trough the wiki.

Primary information: Who sent you an email. No link given for this information.
Details: link to the user who sent you this email

People can send you emails only if you have allowed this on your preferences.