A list of projects I worked on from July 2015-June 2016 in rough chronological order.

  • Assisted with implementing and using OOUI PHP in MediaWiki core
  • Echo maintenance and cleanup
    • Helped with OOUI-ifying the frontend and alerts/messages split
    • Cross-wiki notifications!
  • WikiLove maintenance and bugfixes
  • Flow maintenance and bugfixes
  • SUL finalization cleanup
  • Gadgets 2.0 development
  • Content model improvements - adding Special:ChangeContentModel and fix ups of rev_content_* interactions
  • extension.json improvements and maintenance
  • Got PHPCS voting on MediaWiki core
  • Initial ORES extension development
  • Refactored Echo formatting system with presentation model concept
  • Added cross-wiki support to mw.Feedback
  • Mobile edit section link corruption
  • Added PHP 5.5 support to CI
  • Wikipedia Zero AbuseFilter integration
  • Convert OOUI PHP to use traits instead of custom mixins
  • Update LinkBatch and related to use TitleValue
  • Linker rewrite!
  • Assisting with tidy/ParserMigration stuff