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Libraries are wonderful.

libraryupgrader is a semi-automated tool that manages upgrades of libraries and other developer dependencies for repositories hosted on Gerrit. It replaces a set of hacky scripts Legoktm used to run on his laptop. It currently runs out of the library-upgrader Cloud VPS project.


  • Does not run under Legoktm's gerrit account
  • Pick a few canary repositories to do the upgrade first, then submit patches to bulk upgrade the rest
  • Ability to specifically pick what library to upgrade
  • All submitted patches use the "bump-dev-deps" topic
  • Discovers new repositories immediately instead of a hardcoded list
  • Auto +2 trivial patches
  • Rate limits to avoid clogging up CI pipeline


  • puppetize setup
  • Web interface for everything!!11
  • Support npm libraries
  • Instructions for running locally