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My goal for the Wikimania 2018 hackathon will be to write no code, and spend as minimal amount of time on my laptop as possible. Instead, I want to conduct informal interviews with developers (and non-developers) on a few different topics:

  • What was your first contribution to Wikimedia technical areas? Was there anything that made you feel empowered?
  • What is your developer workstation/environment like? What tools are you using?
  • What new projects are you looking forwards to? Any old ones that you find especially valuable?
  • What would you like to change? (If you could change just one thing, what would it be? etc.)

I'm also thinking about a question about harassment/CoC, but I'm not sure the circumstances would elicit good responses. Maybe something about the +2 process as well.

Post Wikimania brief[edit]

  • Interviewed: Roan, Bryan, Nick, Siebrand, Sj, Lydia, and Victoria. I forgot to take photos of everyone but Roan. I also only got around to doing the workstation interview with Roan, and even then not really.
  • Code written: Addshore wrote most of gerrit:446696 and then I fixed it up so I could take a screenshot for the showcase. Also wrote [1] but that deleted way more code than I wrote, so I'm not counting it as writing code.
  • Nominated 5 people for +2 access, and then wrote User:Legoktm/Road to +2 based on my conversation with Roan.
  • Committed/volunteered for 5+ new projects, oops. More details to follow.
  • Thought about MediaWiki release process a bunch (mostly looking at other free software projects for inspiration/copying), talked with Cindy a bit
  • Talked with Petr a bunch.
  • Reedy for root.