User:Legoktm/Please disband this list


The following is an email that Nemo sent to the now deleted admintools-l list. It was the only non-spam post to the mailing list in the year and few months that it existed.

-------- Messaggio inoltrato --------
Oggetto:     Please disband this list
Data:     Sat, 9 Aug 2014 15:01:02 +0200
Mittente:     Nemo <>

Hello. As first post of this list (found in ), I formally ask
to disband it, because a forum for this topic already exists.
As a reminder for those who missed them, has some alternatives
by which you can follow specific pages:
* if you like email, you can enable enotif ;
* if you don't like email, you can follow the feeds at ;
* if you don't like being poked regularly, you can visit the page occasionally as you wish.

As an alternative, I propose that consensus is gained among those
interested in the topic at the page (39 watchers