Debian packages/texvc


texvc is a OCaml program that generates PNG images for the Math extension. I maintain Debian and Ubuntu packages for it so users do not need to install the full OCaml toolchain to build it manually.

Supported operating systems[edit]

  • Debian Stretch
  • Debian Jessie via the official backports
  • Ubuntu Xenial via a PPA
  • Ubuntu Trusty (package is named mediawiki-math-texvc)

The package is also available in modern Ubuntu releases, starting with Zesty Zapus. These are supported for as long as the release is, but I don't do explicit testing on non-LTS Ubuntu versions.


If you are using Debian Jessie, you'll need to enable jessie-backports. Ubuntu Xenial users will need to enable the PPA. And then...

sudo apt-get install texvc

Ubuntu Trusty users will need to install the mediawiki-math-texvc package instead.

In your LocalSettings.php, set:

$wgTexvc = '/usr/bin/texvc';


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