User:Legoktm/PHP 5.5


Notes on actually implementing the PHP 5.5 version bump:

  • Yes Done Create parameter-function wrapper - Gerrit change 268031
  • Yes Done Create php55lint job - Gerrit change 268047
  • Yes Done Create php-composer-package-test variant for php55
  • Yes Done Make /usr/bin/php a wrapper that uses $PHP_BIN to figure out which PHP version to use (task T126211)
  • Yes Done Create php-composer-test variant for php55
  • Yes Done Add php55 jobs for master & new release branches, but not old ones
  • N Not done Announce to wikitech-l changes, and wait for wmf.13 branch cut
  • Yes Done Drop php53 jobs from master & new release branches
  • Yes Done Merge version bump in mediawiki/vendor - Gerrit change 266932
  • Yes Done Merge version bump in mediawiki/core - Gerrit change 266931
  • Update MW Codesniffer to require [arrays, like, this], and release it
    • Set up separate branch for 5.3 compat?
      • Why? Just have old repos still on 5.3 use the old coding conventions from 0.5.1 and not 0.6.x?
  • Bump MW core codesniffer dependency, and do mass conversion to square bracket arrays
    • For fun, we should see how many bytes this shrinks the codebase.
  • Start converting extensions, etc.