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This is a page for me to keep track of all of my volunteer initiatives and responsibilities so I don't forget what to attend to:


  • Upgrading mailman to mailman3 (phab:T52864)
  • Abstracting Schema and schema changes (phab:T191231)
  • Automate finding database schema drifts between code and production (phab:T104459)
  • AI to find socks based on pattern of speak
  • Member and chair of Code of Conduct Committee
  • Clean up FlaggedRevs extension (phab:T185664)
  • Enable migrating to puppet6:
    • Replacing hiera() with lookup() in puppet (phab:T209953) - Done now
    • Replace all puppet crons with systemd timers (phab:T273673) - Working.

Continuous work[edit]


This is list of initiatives that are done, some are done in work capacity. For times I feel down.


  • Normalize links tables (phab:T222224)
  • Support for Chemical Markup Language (phab:T18491)
  • Serve Main Page of Wikimedia wikis from a consistent URL (phab:T120085)
  • Migrate extensions to abstract schema (phab:T261912)
  • Blockers for Wikimedia wiki domain renaming (phab:T172035)
  • Harvest Dehkhoda's dictionary for Wikidata.
  • Rework the image metadata storage and image design in general (phab:T28741)
  • Define variant Wikimedia production config in compiled, static files (phab:T223602)
  • Clean up portals mess (Including phab:T273179)
  • Rework our error pages (phab:T113114)