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This is a page for me to keep track of all of my volunteer initiatives and responsibilities so I don't forget what to attend to:


Continuous work[edit]


This is list of initiatives that are done, some are done in work capacity. For times I feel down.

  • (Work) Dropped 1.2B useless rows from logging table, including 99.1% of Wikidata (phab:T189596)
  • (Work) Dropped wb_terms table (phab:T208425)
  • (Work) Normalized change_tag table (phab:T185355)
  • (Work) Dropped 230 modules from client wikis (The blog post)
  • (Work) Deploying url shortener (phab:T44085
  • (Volunteer) Automating most of the process of wiki creation (phab:T253439)


  • Normalize links tables (phab:T222224)
  • Serve Main Page of Wikimedia wikis from a consistent URL (phab:T120085)
  • Migrate extensions to abstract schema (phab:T261912)
  • Blockers for Wikimedia wiki domain renaming (phab:T172035)
  • Harvest Dehkhoda's dictionary for Wikidata.