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Prioritization, engagement, and communication checks for community liaisons in the product development process.

Numerical ordering is for ease of reference, not order of doing things or priority.

Ref: T124022

Understand - what is the problem[edit]

  1. The investigation to define a problem is documented in public
  2. Relevant stakeholders have been invited to participate in the discussion
    • If there is prior discussion, it has been reviewed
    • Discussion is facilitated/mediated as needed
    • Participate in the determinization of results
  3. Impact on user workflow has been researched
    • These results have been discussed with those it would affect

Concept - what is the solution[edit]

  1. This solution has been presented for discussion
    • This solution takes into account its shortcomings and explains them
    • This solution takes into account its benefits and explains them


  1. Initial roadmap is determined, published, and communicated
  2. Have a rollback/revert plan - as simple as "We are willing to"


  1. The product accounts for community moderation tools (+sysop, oversight, checkuser, abuse filter, etc.)
  2. Wireframes and/or prototypes have been communicated
  3. Bugs identified as blockers before by CLs and/or communities are discussed and fixed
  4. Performance and quality notes are taken and communicated
  5. Translators are contacted about system messages


  1. Concept and resulting product are reviewed for completeness
    • This review is documented
    • Including translations
  2. Each stage of release has a feedback loop (alpha, beta, production)
  3. Determine order of release (which wikis on which dates)


  1. Document clear ownership of maintenance, even if that means documenting something is unmaintained/abandoned