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I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2013.11. This bundle is compatible with MediaWiki 1.20.7 and MediaWiki 1.21.2 releases.

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Release notes for each extension are below.

-- Kartik Mistry

Babel, CLDR and LocalisationUpdates[edit]

  • Only localisation updates.


  • Localisation updates.
  • SECURITY: Don't show deleted usernames.


Noteworthy changes[edit]

  • Cleanup, refactoring and performance improvments.
  • Bug 56409: Fix fatal error in non-Vector skins by removing navigation tabs.
  • Bug 57287: "Sandbox messages" should not appear in the TUX group selector.
  • Bug 57391: Remove default NS_MEDIAWIKI from $wgTranslateMessageNamespaces.
  • Fix button styles in Special:Translate.
  • Accept any number as explicit plural form.


Noteworthy changes[edit]

  • Lots of cleanup, refactoring and performance improvements:
  • The ResourceLoader modules for ULS were redone. They are now lazy-loaded to improve the initial page loading time. To use features provided by ULS, such as styles, ULS data utils functions, and others, you must load the features separately in your extensions. See for more details.
  • The Autonym font is only applied only to class interlanguage-link rather than to the whole interlanguage links area.
  • The Autonym font is included in the webfonts repository.
  • Bug 53772: Visual indication while saving the settings.
  • Bug 56885: Fix and enable feature Persistent settings.
  • Bug 56888: Use data-i18n for system font l10n. This ensures that the translation is updated properly in the language live preview.
  • Fixed Ukranian (uk) and Russian (ru) languages grammar rules.


  • New fonts: Hanuman, Nokora and Suwannaphum fonts for Khmer.
  • New font: Batak.
  • Updated MiriamCLM font from upstream.
  • Updated OpenDyslexic fonts from upstream.
  • Added BoldItalic OpenDyslexic fonts.
  • Bug 57136: Add Polish also to OpenDyslexic font supported languages.

Input methods[edit]

  • Bug 54646: Fixed input from numerical keypad.
  • Bug 55698: Change name for German de-transliteration input method. Remove the obsolete Burmese my-kbd input method.