User:Kaldari/Task 2


Create a web page that takes the name of a Wikipedia category as a form input and outputs a sorted list of articles with scores. The scores should reflect how readable the first paragraph of each article is. The list should be sorted from least readable to most readable. Readability can be assessed by any method of your choosing. For example, you could consider factors such as length, number of parenthetical phrases, number of commas, average word size, etc. or you could use a 3rd party readability test API or library. Don't worry about handling subcategories or pagination for large categories (feel free to only evaluate the first 50 articles in the category).

The code should be written in Javascript and/or PHP and hosted on Github, bitbucket, or a similar site. You are welcome to use 3rd party libraries or frameworks for any part of it.

If you want to set up a live version, the page can be hosted on Tool Labs, GitHub Pages, or a personal server.

Hints: API:Categorymembers, Extension:TextExtracts#API

This task should take no more than 3 hours to complete.