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Draft for a section in the Feedback page for Advanced mobile contributions[edit]

1. What Device and browser are you using?

Firefox Nightly 64.0a1 on a Samsung Galaxy J1 ace (Android 5.1.1).

Take a minute or two to orient yourself. Click around the mobile navigation at the top of the page and see what is different. Keep in mind that since this is a prototype most of the links don’t actually work, and there might be other bugs or quirks that you’ll come across. Also keep in mind that this design is meant for experienced users, not new readers or new editors

2. What are some of your initial impressions (do you find anything confusing? Convenient? Particularly notable?)

I find a lot of icons in the page and in the sidebar as compared to the original mobile website. This seems to help with easy navigation to different pages. The sticky bar containing links to the important things such as History, Editing etc., is nice. It would be nice if the icon for sidebar was also accessible via the sticky bar as it would make it easy to navigate to other pages such as Random when in the middle of the article rather that having to go to the top of the article. Or the sticky bar should better have the search icon. It would be much more useful to find the search icon in the sticky bar as I would more likely search when in the middle of the article than accessing the sidebar. I would suppose we can't have both as that would crowd the sticky bar ;-) Or would it be better to have both and when the screen size is smaller to have more items in the top bar we could move the less important items into the overflow menu (sort of how Android does it).

Article and Talk page switching

The fact that it's possible to switch between the Article page and its correpsonding Talk page seemlessly looks nice but there should be a way to directly go to the Talk page via a link which seems to be missing currently. When I tap on the Talk page icon the URL didn't seem to change.

Also, there should be some sort of progress indicator that would convey to the user that the Talk page is being loaded. This would be helpful especially in sluggish networks. I was staring at the screen for some time surprised to see no response after I clicked on the Talk page icon while the talk page content seemed to have been loading in the background. It's good to see the switch is faster after the initial delay, though.

3. Is anything particularly hard to find?

A link to the Talk page. I'm currently not able to get a link to the talk age of an article via the Talk page icon.

4. Is anything missing?

As also noted above:

  • A link to the talk page
  • Search icon to access search bar while browsing the middle of the article

That's all for now.

Try navigating to the following places, adding any feedback you have (note: most of the links don't actually work when you tap them, just find them in the nav if you can)

5. An article’s talk page

Unable to obtain a link that goes directly to the talk page of the article using the "Talk page" button.

6. Search

It's easy to notice the search bar found in the top of the page when a article is loaded. Unfortunately, a user who follows a section link into the article wouldn't notice the search bar that's found in the top of the article unless he already knows it would be there. Also, it would be much better if the search was accessible in the top bar which would both improve it's accessibility and avoid the problem.

7. Your own talk page

Not sure as the links don't work. Maybe by clicking on the "human" icon near the search bar which I'm expecting would take me to my User page.

8. The wikidata item for a page

In the overflow menu.

9. The history of a talk page

In the bar above the article content, the clock icon.

10. Community portal


11. Your sandbox

Not sure again. Possibly by using clicking on the "human" icon near the search bar which might take me to my User page from which there might be a link my sandbox. Or maybe not?

12. Notifications

The bell icon near the human icon in the top bar.

13. Final thoughts? Anything goes...