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Burnup charts (and other metrics)[edit]

Phlogiston is now configured to generate daily reports for most teams:

Comparison table[edit]



Sprint /




In Progress In Review Awaiting


Done Blocked / Waiting Radar
Analytics (Component boards) Next up In progress In Code Review Ready to deploy Done Paused
Performance (Column) Next up Doing Blocked Radar
RelEng Yes Kanban Backlog In progress Done Blocked
Research Staged In progress Done Blocked
Security (Column) Ready In progress Done Waiting
Services (Column) Next Doing Done Blocked Watching
Tech ops
Cloud Yes Kanban To do Doing Done
Scoring Yes Active Review Done Monitor
Mediawiki Backlog Epic in progress + Short in progress Blocked
FR Tech Yes *Sprint* Backlog Doing Review Pending deployment Done
Search Yes Current Work Backlog In progress Needs review Done


Analytics Engineering[edit] (#analytics-kanban)

Typical columns: next up, paused, in progress, in code review, ready to deploy, done

Other columns: parent tasks

There are also component workboards: (looks like a product backlog board, with columns for quarters)

Performance[edit] (#performance-team)

Typical columns: inbox, backlog, next-up, doing, radar, blocked

Question: There is no "done" column, so do they just "resolve" tasks as they are completed? Also, no "needs review".

Release Engineering[edit]

Product backlog board: #release-engineering-team

Typical columns: to triage, epics, backlog, next, watching/external, kanban

Kanban milestone board:

Typical columns: backlog, in progress, blocked, done

Research[edit] (#research-and-data)

Typical columns: staged, blocked, in progress, done

Other columns: time sensitive, templates, endorsements

Security[edit] (#security-team)

Typical columns: backlog, ready, in progress, waiting, done

Other columns: epics in progress,

Services[edit] (#services)

Typical columns: backlog, watching, later, next, doing, blocked, done

Other columns: designing

Technical Operations[edit]

Sub projects with workboards:

  • netops
    • Backlog, Up Next, In Progress, Externally Blocked
  • Traffic
    • (Column per "feature")
  • Operations-Software-Development
    • Backlog, In Progress, In Code Review, Done
  • DBA
    • Triage, Meta/Epic, Backlog, Next, In Progress, Blocked External/Not DB team, Done, Backlog (help welcome)
  • hardware-requests
    • Backlog, Reclaim (Spares/Decommission), Stalled, In Discussion/Review, Pending Approval, Allocation/Ordering/Implementation
  • Ops-Access-Requests
    • Backlog, In Discussion, Waiting Period, Manager/NDA/Approval/Confirmation, Ops Meeting, User Confirm
  • procurement
    • Backlog, Ready for processing, Quote requested, Quote in review, Pending approval, Pending implementation, Pending Receiving, Pending Invoice/Payment
  • Pybal
    • Backlog, In progress, Blocked
  • Prod-Kubernetes
    • Backlog, Experiment (Milestone which only has a backlog column)

Non-workboard topic-specific sub-projects:

  • Domains
  • DC-Ops
  • DNS
  • Domains
  • Mail
  • media-storage
  • Monitoring
  • ops-codfw, ops-eqiad, ops-esams, ops-ulsfo
  • ops-security
  • Packaging

Cloud Services[edit]

Product backlog board: (#cloud-services-team)

Typical columns: backlog, kanban, FY2017-18

Kanban milestone board:

Typical columns: to do, doing, done

Other columns: inbox, needs discussion,

Scoring Platform[edit] (#scoring-platform-team)

Typical columns: active, review, done, epics, monitor (long term)

Product backlog board (#scoring-platform-team-backlog):

Columns for different categories of work

Mediawiki Platform[edit] (#mediawiki-platform-team)

Typical columns: backlog, epic in progress, short in progress, blocked

Fundraising Tech[edit]

Product backlog: (#fundraising-backlog)

Apparently each sprint has its own workboard, of type "timeline", e.g. #fundraising-sprint-kickstopper:

Typical columns: backlog, doing, review, pending deployment, done

Search Platform[edit]

Product backlog: (#discovery-search)

Typical columns: needs triage, up next, this quarter, later, current work

Current work milestone board:

Typical columns: backlog, in progress, needs review, done

Other column: UI (basically a special backlog column, for a sub-team)