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Hi my name is Jessica Brightman and was born on 17th of August 1964. I am a Wikipedia user since the time I'm curious about things in my surroundings or online. I love to talk and study topics related to beauty and skin care maybe because of my friends and some of my relatives whom are so conscious about their body or even their skin. I consider myself a true researcher.

I later on started my own online site which tackles about beauty and skin care as well as recommended products for you to use. I started Cosmetic Vitality to show people how easy being beautiful can really be. In the modern age it can be hard to keep up to date with all the new developments in skin care, so I made it my passion to review all the new products in categories like stretch mark creams, anti-aging serums, cellulite treatments and wrinkle creams.

Come along and start revitalizing your look!