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LSH-digest of contributions[edit]

It is possible to encode a revert as a lsh-digest and store it in memcache for a short period. Let AbuseFilter access that digest. Any attempts on new additions can then be compared to that digest. If a match is found the upload can be stopped by AbuseFilter. The filter should probably be more relaxed on edits to the same article, that is more discrepancy allowed before it blocks, and tighter on other articles, that is less discrepancy allowed before it blocks.

Edits to get capita before save[edit]

It is possible to force the non-confirmed users to do a small work before being able to publish to an article. This is highly unpopular for vandals, they must redraw for trolling and do something useful. One such type of work can be to translate strings, another one could be to transcribe a text. We actually want the user to type on the keyboard as this makes later recognition of the same user possible, which can then be used as a means of identification. Such identification should only be done if the user is assumed with some degree of probability to be doing vandalism.