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Hi, My name is Jan Meijer, nicknamed here as JanEnEm.

I am slowly getting experienced a little bit (August 2007) with the wiki concept and MediaWiki in particular. A real novice on the subject.

A bit more experience though in IT: worked in IT ever since May 1968, so quite a while right now.

In due course I will extend my personalisation . This is just to start.

Other Wiki's[edit]

You may find me under the same nickname as used here under the English and Dutch versions of the WMF wiki's.

At my office, I run a MediaWiki server to contain may day-to-day experience with whatever I run into during my work as a (retired) ICT consultant.

My contributions[edit]

I am not much of an article writer, so my main contributions are on the various MediaWiki wiki's. The ones I visit the most are: The English and Dutch versions of WikiPedia (en) and the MetaWiki site. The latter contains more info and other MediaWiki related actions I took in the past.

My Dutch page[edit]

Especially for those who prefer to read in the Dutch language what I am doing in the area of Mediawiki I creted a (small) dutch page.

My sandbox[edit]

When experimenting with code for this wiki I will use the page User:JanEnEm/MySandbox to avoid any damage to other pages.