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Most of my extensions, especially the ones written in or after 2010 are released into the public domain.

For extensions that I've contributed to, assume that my contributions are licensed under the license that the extension is, or alternatively, assume they are released into the public domain. Whatever works for you and is legally OK; I'm not a lawyer.

I also translate interface messages into Finnish (fi), so if you need a Finnish translation for your extension, just ask me!

List of extensions that I've written (21)[edit]

List of extensions I've contributed to (45)[edit]

I've contributed to many extensions, this is merely a list of the extensions where my name is in the extension's $wgExtensionCredits but I haven't originally written the extension in question. Social tools are bolded in this listing.

List of non-MediaWiki core skins I've written or contributed to (18)[edit]

  • DuskToDawn
  • Eminence
  • Gamepress
  • Games
  • Hope
  • HowTo
  • Monaco (a fork of the old Wikia default skin, built approximately a year before the so-called monaco-port)