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Steps for modifying jenkins continuous integration jobs, and testing them on actual jenkins.

  1. Edit the repo integration/config.git as needed
  2. Generate jobs for your changes (needs labs account, or ask somebody from CI), ex:
    1. Read Continuous_integration/Jenkins_job_builder
    2. exec jenkins-jobs --conf jenkins_jobs.ini update config/jjb '*Gather*'
  3. Manually trigger a run of such jobs at to check if they work
  4. Get the patch merged

Example of patch with good comments:

Info of getting a custom job running from the CI web[edit]

11:54 hashar: so I have already triggered the job manually once against the master branch
11:54 hashar: the job parameters are shown at
11:54 hashar: ZUUL_URL =
11:54 hashar: is the prefix to git clone / git fetch from
11:54 hashar: 	ZUUL_PROJECT	 = mediawiki/extensions/Gather  
11:54 hashar: is the repository
11:54 hashar: and so once
11:54 hashar: ZUUL_REF , ZUUL_COMMIT and ZUUL_BRANCH are used to fetch the patch
11:55 hashar: if you login on using your wmflabs account
11:55 hashar: then going to the job main page ,  you should have a link on the left that says:  [ Build with Parameters ]
11:55 hashar: that would show a form asking to fill the ZUUL_* parameters
11:56 hashar: so we can reuse mostly the same parameters
11:56 hashar: but use the info from your Gerrit change, i.e.:   ZUUL_COMMIT= 496a64273ea89a8c8fea63ce191e435a4c76d6ce  and ZUUL_REF=refs/changes/04/191304/1
11:57 hashar: the script will  git fetch $ZUUL_URL/$ZUUL_PROJECT $ZUUL_REF
11:57 hashar: and then  git checkout $ZUUL_COMMIT
12:07 joakino: hashar: what do i use for the ZUUL_UUID?
12:08 hashar: joakino: I don't think it is used
12:08 hashar: just use 'foobar' :-]
12:08 hashar: UUID can be skipped
12:08 hashar: ZUUL_PIPELINE  can probably as well. I use 'manual'
12:09 hashar: you need ZUUL_CHANGE and ZUUL_PATCHSET
12:09 hashar: just enter some random numbers
12:09 hashar: ZUUL_BRANCH should be:  master
12:09 hashar: that is the actual git branch
12:13 joakino: or do i use the gerrit patch changeid 
12:13 hashar: you can use the gerrit chnage / patch id
12:10 joakino: hashar: i can't edit the build parameters?
12:11 hashar: joakino: ah you have to rebuild last
12:11 hashar: joakino: on the job main page
12:11 hashar: hit  [Rebuild Last]
12:12 hashar: it will show the form populated with parameters from previous build
12:12 joakino: hashar: so ZUUL_CHANGE and ZUUL_PATCHSET are not used/