User:DTankersley (WMF)/CTO Roles


The purpose of the following list is to help people in the WMF Technology Department understand what the CTO team is responsible for, what we can assist with, and who on the team they should contact, as needed.

If you're unsure about who to contact in regards to an activity or question, please email the team ( so that we can respond appropriately and in a timely manner.

Roles and Responsibilities

Engineering Program Manager

Activity Senior Program Manager
Manage Department-wide Processes and Goals
  • Annual planning process and goal content
  • Quarterly check-ins process, content, and organization
  • General department process improvement
General support for managers and teams
  • Goal planning, deliverables, and status
  • Assist with team offsite planning and facilitation
  • General meeting planning and facilitation
  • Assist with vendor communication and management
  • Retrospective surveys and facilitation
  • Troubleshoot budget or other financial issues
Represent the Department
  • Technical Conference (WMTechConf) planning and organization
  • General conference planning and organization (for recruiting purposes, etc)
  • Assist with Wikimedia Foundation hosted conferences planning and organization
  • Assist with Technical Committee (TechCom) agenda and workflow
  • Scrum of Scrums attendance
  • Point of contact for Foundation teams, including Finance and Administrative teams
  • Participate in cross-Departmental activities
Support the CTO
  • Research and analysis
  • Prepare presentation decks and other documents
  • Facilitate, support, and prep for Technical Managers meeting, weekly
  • Survey and report on Managers and Department, as needed
  • Survey and report on Department engagement surveys, as needed
  • Additional work as required

Executive Assistant

Activity Administrative Specialist
Manage the CTO's schedule
  • Schedule and coordinate calendar tasks (i.e.: 1:1’s)
  • Handle ad-hoc requests for meetings
  • Plan and support travel
Support the CTO
  • Support and prep for Technical Managers and CTO team meeting, weekly
  • Collect and edit status reports (from Tech Mgr's meeting), weekly
  • Additional work as required