Hi. I'm Jason. My alma mater (university) is the University of Iowa, hence my user name.

I administer a small wiki site for my sailing club. We document harbors, attractions and events on Lake Michigan (I now live in Illinois, USA).

My day job is an IT executive for a large financial firm. I came up from being a Java, C++ and VB programmer. There's a way I'd rather spend my days writing code, but they find it more valuable that I spend my time on cost benefit analysis and strategic planning.

I have coded several (small) custom extensions for our wiki and could easily be persuaded to share. On the Transwiki front, I have one that defaults the "import image" URL to Wiki commons. I have one under development to locally cache external URLs. Based on a decent design for similar, but I'm focused on an Internet disconnected use case for our sailboats who might not have access to "standard" web caches.