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The existing process printer of the Semantic Result Formats Extension can also export the data of the graph into a behaviour model for the Horus Business Modeler.


If you have installed the Process Printer no further steps are needed.

Instructions on how to install Horus should be found on the homepage.


Click the Link under the graph to generate and download the pnml-file of the graph. Put this file into the folder "\path\to\hours\repo\workspace\behavior_model" - by default this should be (Win) "C:\Users\_username_\horus_repo1\ws1\behavior_model". In Horus you might to have to refresh the graphs with F5.

Horus lets you arrange the graph automatically if you want to - this might lead to a more clearly arranged graph.

Known limitations[edit]

What is not yet possible[edit]

  • Resources/Roles can not be used in Horus (Roles can be displayed atm)
  • nodes are not arranged automatically at the moment - manual interaction in Horus is necessary

What is absolutely not possible[edit]

  • the generated pnml-file is developed to work under Horus - there are other tools that won't work
  • conditionalOr-decisions are not supported by Horus, so it is modelled graphically within a text field.

Open Issues[edit]

  • sometimes files cannot be changed/saved in Horus -> might be a write-protection issue?

  • Problems defining a process itself
    • if using circles the starting node could be not connected
    • if you create a direct successor to a conditionalOR it will be displayed as a second starting node ...