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Alexander Jones (happy5214)
GSoC '15 and '17 intern
Happiness is a virtue. But blind happiness is empty. One must cause happiness for it to be meaningful.

About me

I am an undergraduate student at UTSA, studying CS with a minor in math. I have an associate degree in CS from the Alamo Colleges. My spare time involves programming, prime searching, OpenStreetMap (California rail work especially), and a couple of online games.

My work

I am an off-and-on contributor to various components, primarily Pywikibot. Most of my work is related to my Google Summer of Code 2015 project to add Flow support to Pywikibot. I will be participating in GSoC 2017, this time adding support for the Thanks extension to Pywikibot.

My Wikipedia work (see my English Wikipedia page) mostly involves highways, most notably writing a series of Lua modules implementing several high-use templates. I also regularly edit Wikidata (my Wikidata page), with a similar focus.

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