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Chinese conversion[edit]

  1. The initial Chinese conversion was introduced by Zhengzhu on rev:5246 (MW 1.4+), the table has mome minor changes until rev:6329.
  2. The first major changes was introduced on rev:28045, and rev:28077 by Shinjiman. This change resolved the Simplified / Traditional Chinese conversion with Regional phrases conversion. The changes are available on MW 1.12 onwards.
  3. The next major changes patch by me.bugzilla:14604 applied on rev:36664 rev:37058 rev:37186 rev:37373.
    1. 修正单个转换bug: 之前-{zh-hant:繁}-不予转换
    2. 修正在__NOTC__下手动T转换导致标题转换的bug
    3. 修正在__NOCC__下导致T转换标签不能转换标题的bug
    4. 增加多重标签的用法,如:-{A;T|转换代码}-
    5. 增加单向转换     -{XX=>zh-hant:YY}-
    6. 增加隐藏全文转换   -{H|转换代码}- 同A标签类似,不过在代码处不显示转换后的文字
    7. 增加删除转换     -{-|转换代码}-
    8. 增加描述       -{D|转换代码}-
    9. 增加语言代码名称 -{N|xx}-  会返回xx語言代碼的名稱
    10. 增加多重variantfallbacks
    11. 增加对手动全文转换的限制
    1. fixed a conversion code bug: before now the code "-{zh-hant:繁}-" won't be converted anymore.
    2. fixed a bug under __NOTC__ magicword: when used the -{T|}- conversion code, the title will be converted.
    3. fixed a bug under __NOCC__ magicword: when used the -{T|}- conversion code, the title should not be converted in -{T|}-.
    4. added a multi-tag support: e.g. -{A;T|convertion code}-
    5. added a unidirectional conversion flag: e.g. -{XX=>zh-hant:YY}-
    6. added a hide flag: e.g. -{H|convertion code}- same as A flag, but no display text in placed conversion code
    7. added a remove conversion flag: e.g. -{-|zh-hans:XX;zh-hant:YY}- remove zh-hans:XX;zh-hant:YY from mTables
    8. added a description flag: e.g. -{D|convertion code}-
    9. added a language name flag: e.g. when using the -{N|zh-hans}- code, it will return a language name like "中文(简体)"
    10. added the multi-variantfallbacks support
    11. added limit for manual alltext conversion