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Gueleu Sylvie Farida[edit]

Outreachy December 2018 to March 2019 Intern[edit]

About me[edit]

I recently completed my Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Buea and got interested in open source, particularly with Wikimedia. I started with baby steps by joining Wikimedia Commons which was a way for me to know more about Wikimedia and its projects, then Joined the African Wikimedia Developers. I hope to become a great developer and hence contributor, by being part of the chain learning, helping and sharing.

My work[edit]




I'm working on this project which consist of adding a new Linter category:Links-in-Links by adding code to Parsoid to Identify the error, adding a new catogory to the special lintErrors page and a helper page.


SSastry (WMF)

Project workflow[edit]

The table below describes the project's workflow with respect to this project proposal, to get more details check out my blog.

Date Activity Status
Dec 04 -Dec 11 Study and get familiar with how wikitext linting works in Parsoid and the PHP extension. Study the DOM tree and nodes, how to access elements in the DOM and traversing the DOM Done
Dec 12 – Dec 16 Study Parsoid code for the existing Linter categories. Done
Dec 17 - Jan 20 Write a standalone file say test.js that reads HTML from an input HTML file say test.html, parses the HTML to the DOM and use the DOMTraverser to process only 'a' nodes, and for each of the external links output the outerHTML and the DSR value. Done
Jan 21 - Feb 6 Migrate the code to lib/wt2html/pp/processors/linter.js Done
Feb 7 - Feb 11 write code in the PHP Linter extension to add this new Linter category wikilink-in-extlink Done
Feb 11 - Testing the code with random articles on Wikipedia In progress