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Module Method Caller Purpose TTL value OOM
AjaxResponse getMainWANInstance Cache AJAX responses; never used?
MessageBlobStore getMainWANInstance Cache interface messages
ChangesFeed getMainWANInstance Cache for Special:RecentChanges results
WANCacheReapUpdate getMainWANInstance Tries to expire jammed cache items
DifferenceEngine getMainWANInstance Differences between revisions of a page
FeedUtils getMainWANInstance Purge cached feeds (from ChangesFeed)
JobQueueDB getMainWANInstance doDeduplicateRootJob() caches timestamp to avoid duplicate jobs
DjVuHandler getMainWANInstance getDimensionInfo() to avoid re-getting dimensions of a DjVu image file
WikiPage getMainWANInstance getContentModel() to store content-model flag for a revision
ResourceLoaderModule getMainWANInstance validateScriptFile() to cache validation results for a JavaScript file
ResourceLoaderWikiModule getMainWANInstance preloadTitleInfo() to store title information (page_len, page_latest, page_touched) for a wiki page
ChangesListSpecialPage getMainWANInstance getChangeTagList() to cache change tags (?)
Title getMainWANInstance loadRestrictions() to check for page restrictions on a title
User getMainWANInstance loadFromCache() gets user data including group memberships
ParserTestRunner getMainWANInstance clears cache for tests
ApiQueryWatchlistRawIntegrationTest getMainWANInstance clears cache for tests
LinkRendererTest getMainWANInstance directly set cache for links, and clear cache after tests
UserTest getMainWANInstance clear cache for tests
IcuCollation getLocalServerInstance getFirstLetterData() for first letter of a string
DefaultSettings getLocalServerInstance setup $wgObjectCaches for CACHE_ACCEL
FileBackendGroup getLocalServerInstance Default cache for a file backend if no other one is specified ('hash')
LockManagerGroup getLocalServerInstance Default cache for a lock manager if no other one is specified ('hash')
GlobalFunctions getLocalServerInstance wfIsBadImage() for determining "bad images" (seems like sexual or violent images?)
DateFormatter getLocalServerInstance getInstance() to cache (?) an instance of the date formatter for a language
ResourceLoader getLocalServerInstance filter() to cache results of minifying CSS and JS
ResourceLoaderFileModule getLocalServerInstance compileLessFile() to cache compile results for LESS files
TemplateParser getLocalServerInstance getTemplate() to cache results of compiling a template
FileContentsHasher getLocalServerInstance getFileContentsHashInternal() to cache hash values for files
ApiStashEdit getLocalClusterInstance stash parsed versions of edit content while the user composes an edit comment
AuthManager getLocalClusterInstance continueAccountCreation() prevent account creation race conditions
ThrotlePreAuthenticationProvider getLocalClusterInstance throttle too many account creations
Throttler getLocalClusterInstance abstract throttler; uses local cluster by default
FileCacheBase getLocalClusterInstance Count number of cache misses
WanCacheReapUpdate getLocalClusterInstance Tries to expire jammed cache items
GlobalFunctions getLocalClusterInstance shims for old ways of getting cache keys and values
JobQueueGroup getLocalClusterInstance Cache whether queues have jobs
WikiPage getLocalClusterInstance triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate() flag whether a page has random or time-based wikitext that can't be cached
Preprocessor getLocalClusterInstance cacheSetTree() Cache document tree for pre-processor
Pingback getLocalClusterInstance Flag to throttle sending pingbacks
ResourceLoaderModule getLocalClusterInstance cache local paths of modules used by a skin (?)
ServiceWiring getLocalClusterInstance cache location for salt () of CryptHKDF. Does this need to be secure?
Setup getLocalClusterInstance default for $wgMemc
BotPassword getLocalClusterInstance throttle for multiple password attempts by name and IP
User getLocalClusterInstance pingLimiter() Limit the number of activities per user by group
ResetAuthenticationThrottle getLocalClusterInstance Maintenance script to clear authentication throttling
ApiStashEditTest getLocalClusterInstance clear cache for tests
AuthManagerTest getLocalClusterInstance clear cache for tests
GlobalTest getLocalClusterInstance clear cache for tests
thumb getLocalClusterInstance limit number of times we try to create a thumbnail for a file that causes errors
GlobalFunctions getInstance shim for old way of getting global cache instance and message cache instance
Installer getInstance disable caching (CACHE_NONE)
ServiceWiring getInstance to get the parser cache
SessionManager getInstance storage for sessions
Setup getInstance defaults for storing sessions
LanguageConverter getInstance translation tables for variants of a language, like en-US to en-UK
manageJobs getInstance repushAbandoned() timestamp last time we repushed abandoned jobs
SiteStatsUpdate getMainObjectStash Stats for edits, articles, pages, users, images
Article getMainObjectStash Flag for if a page was recently deleted
WikiPage getMainObjectStash Flag for if a page was recently deleted
UploadBase getMainObjectStash Current upload status
extensions/Echo getMainStashInstance Last-viewed timestamp for notifications
extensions/AbuseFilter getMainStashInstance Stats for hits and misses, profiling for each filter, block users
extensions/FlaggedRevs getMainStashInstance Which user is currently reviewing a page or a diff
extensions/CentralAuth getInstance Session storage (!)
extensions/CentralNotice getMainWANObjectCache Banners, e.g. for fundraising
extensions/ConfirmEdit getMainStashInstance captcha values
extensions/TorBlock getMainStashInstance List of TOR exit nodes, status flag for loading the TOR exit nodes