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Subject: MSIE6 will get JavaScript-less experience soon
To: wikitech-ambassadors

Hi folks,

Starting with version 1.24wmf17 (which will be deployed to production 
wikis starting August 14), MediaWiki will no longer execute JavaScript
code on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (previously the cutoff was 
MSIE5). In short, this version of MSIE has several unpatched 
vulnerabilities and is no longer actively supported. Running and
maintaining JavaScript for this version of the browser carries a 
significant maintenance burden without commensurate benefit.

JavaScript fixes specific to IE6 have also been removed. Additional 
IE6 fixes that exist in MediaWiki:Common.js can be safely removed.

In general, we are considering putting more outdated browsers in the 
"no JavaScript" category, while simultaneously putting more effort
against ensuring that basic site functions can be used without
JavaScript. We believe this will ultimately benefit both groups
of users: Users with outdated browsers get a more consistently
tested and more secure experience, while users with modern browsers
benefit from faster development.

This will be communicated through tech news as well, but please 
help carry this message into your communities as appropriate.

All best,