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WIKIMEDIA´S TECH COMMUNITY: My experience When I first saw something called MediaWiki I was a little bit overwhelmed: I didn´t thought that Wikipedia had so much pages and all the things you could do. The first thing I wanted to do was to translate a page: it was a task for me and I get a bit dissapointed due to I couldn´t do nothing! I tried two more times to see if it was me whom was wrong but nothing: it keep appearing a message that praid: <Translations to this language in this group have been disabled. Reason: English is the source language. >On the page where that error message appears, I changed the translation langauge using the "Translate to" menu on the right side of the screen, and where it says "Translate to English". I clicked on "English", although nothing happened, so I try Spanish, and again the same result.

I have always worked on Wikipedia pages: to look for information and that stuff, although when I logged in MediaWiki it felt completely different: all the interesting things you could develop; For instance, the thing which mesmerized me was that you could create a book, and it´s amazing the lot of pages you have to know how to work with MediaWiki! I couldn´t read all of them, and the ones I read were alright, although they were a bit boring, and I don´t think you need them at all, or, at least, not so large and full pages.

In fact, I tried to create a book, and it went very well, I like how it works, you just have to select the pages yo like of MediaWiki or create a new one, and that is it! It´s amazing the easiness of it!

In summary, my experience with this new pages for me wasn´t bad: a learned more about Wikipedia and how people work to make information more handful, useful and easy to handle. I had some problems, though that´s something you can´t avoid and were easy to solve with all the helps you can look for in the Home page. I liked the idea of entering a community of people that care for the others, share their experiences and not only read their pages. I get very happy when, after reading three help pages I knew how to upload this page to my user page.

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