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This is where I'll make notes about bits of MediaWiki that seem particularly nonperformant. This list will be mostly unsorted and uncategorised, and later be filtered into a list by user classification.

Nonperformant areas[edit]

  • Special:Contributions can be very slow when looking at a user's contributions to a namespace that's not edited frequently. The list of my 50 most recent contributions to the MediaWiki namespace on the English Wikipedia, here, took around 51 seconds to load.
    • This is probably because I've made fewer than 50 contributions to the MediaWiki namespace, so it had to scour years of edits to find those that match the filter, which in my case is over 20,000 edits dating back eight years.
  • Special:Renameuser can sometimes go very slowly, and occasionally gives server errors if you're trying to rename people that have a lot of edits.
  • Special:Watchlist can be very slow.
    • Note that this was mostly from people who have many thousands of pages on their watchlist.