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I keep running into random useful JS Libraries.

You'll already know this one. It's the only one of the major libraries I've found tolerable. MooTools and YUI have annoyed me many times.
Quite useful if you need to do lots of stuff with lists in your code.
Visualizations, etc... Haven't used it for any real project yet but I'm hoping to use it in Gareth.
Raphaël JS
Supports custom vector interfaces by using either SVG or VML. Useful if you really need to support IE. Though lately I haven't used it and considered doing projects without fully supporting old IE.
Library for using WebGL 3D in the browser. I tried using GLGE but Three.js looks like an alternative to try.
Library for supporting touch gestures; eg: Taps, double taps, holds, swipes, pinches, 2-finger transforms, rotations, drags, etc...
Makes a loading spinner with JS. Though it can't do the kind of spinner we discussed some time ago.
Looks like a better socket library than the everyone seems to gravitate to.