User:DWalden (WMF)/Test2wiki k8s migration


Scope of change[edit]

The parts of the application that will be running in Kubernetes are highlighted in red in the below diagram.

See also File:Presentation_qte_sync_20042022.pdf.

Scope of testing[edit]

  • Test when we touch the app server, for example:
    • load a page
    • submit a form
    • make an API request
    • back-end processing (deferred updates, jobs)
    • features which call external binaries (see #Next_steps)
  • Don't worry about UI parts of the application
    • unless they are making API requests in the backend (e.g. we might want to test VE as it relies on calls to parsoid)


  • Do the individual docker images function?
    • MediaWiki + extensions
    • Back-end processing (Jobs, Deferred updates)
    • External binaries (Shellbox)
  • Do the docker images have access to the appropriate resources inside Kubernetes?
    • What features rely on other resources like files, keystores, etc.
  • Do the docker images contest for resources inside Kubernetes?
  • Does it have access to resources outside Kubernetes?
    • Things inside our ecosystem but outside Kubernetes (e.g. database, APIs, Parsoid)
    • External services (outside our ecosystem)
  • Reliability, performance, load, stress...

Next steps[edit]

  • Get Selenium tests running on test2wiki to provide smoke tests (phab:T303739).
  • Get API tests running against test2wiki. Because running the API tests requires having test2wiki's $wgSecretKey, it is not possible to do so for security reasons.
  • Fill out the readiness reviews for teams #Team_testing_readiness.

Open Questions[edit]

  • Do we need to test that whatever load balancing solution we are using is working?
  • Do we test rolling back changes to test2wiki?
  • What testing do we need in terms of:
    • reliability (e.g. concurrency)
    • performance
    • load
    • anything else

Team testing readiness[edit]

(Making a page for a team not listed below? Use /Readiness_template)

(Want a high-level view? See /Readiness_high-level)

(Also see /How_to)

(Also, to see what is already installed on test2wiki, see

Teams or features not covered above[edit]

See also Developers/Maintainers.

Teams or features that don't need testing coverage[edit]