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Developer Wishlist/2017/results

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76 proposals 7 categories 952 votes 37 endorsements 76 phab tasks
Rank Proposal Category Votes Endorsements Phab

1 Phabricator should suggest possible duplicates when creating a new task Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 49 1 T45

2 Support a responsive grid system Frontend 34 0 T90687

3 Implement a sane code-review process for MediaWiki JS/CSS pages on Wikimedia sites Code Contribution (Process, Guidelines, etc.) 34 4 T71445

4 Create an authoritative and well promoted catalog of Wikimedia tools Documentation 33 2 T115650

5 Integrate a modern debug/error display tool into MediaWiki Developer Environment 29 1 T111731

6 Make OOjs UI easier to use for gadgets Frontend 28 1 T155567

7 Improve documentation of OOjs UI Documentation 27 1 T155473

8 Add syntax highlighting to wiki diff of source code pages Backend 25 0 T156048

9 Remove IE8 hacks/workarounds/etc. from extensions Frontend 24 0 T123218

10 Add a maintenance script for complete cache reset Backend 24 1 T156695

11 MediaWiki.org: Generate infoboxes from extension.json in git Documentation 22 0 T155029

12 Implement a way to bring GitHub pull requests into gerrit Code Contribution (Process, Guidelines, etc.) 22 2 T37497

13 Review and update the Examples extension Documentation 18 1 T156568

14 Improve support for read access restriction / access control Extensions 18 1 T230668 Yes
15 Organize a MediaWiki Documentation Day (similar to the Gerrit Cleanup Day) Documentation 17 0 T126500

16 CodeEditor: Migrate from Ace to CodeMirror Extensions 17 0 T50826

17 Choose a recommended IDE for MediaWiki and maintain a plugin for it Developer Environment 16 1 T156873

18 Core should be aware of the domain it is running on and render mobile domains where necessary Frontend 16 2 T156847

19 MediaWiki support for Composer equivalent for JavaScript packages Frontend 16 0 T107561
20 Kill wgLegacyEncoding Backend 16 0 T128149

21 Allow excluding soft redirected categories on Special:UnusedCategories Backend 15 0 T96041

22 Document extensions' MediaWiki version compatibility better Documentation 15 0 T156500

23 Run a documentation sprint for Labs Documentation 15 3 T101659

24 Integrate a modern php REPL shell with MediaWiki Developer Environment 14 1 T117661

25 Provide an easy to use HTML mail system Frontend 14 0 T156231

26 Showcase how the separation of concerns should work between MediaWiki API and web Backend 14 0 T156872

27 Improve LTS support of extensions Extensions 14 1 T108734 Yes
28 Enable and document "WIP" workflow status in Gerrit Code Contribution (Process, Guidelines, etc.) 14 0 T135245

29 Organize a Wikimedia developer contest to recognize and promote best projects Code Contribution (Process, Guidelines, etc.) 14 0 T147545

30 Add a welcome bot to Differential for first time contributors Code Contribution (Process, Guidelines, etc.) 14 1 T135186

31 [Task] Add Lua function to get Wikibase entity by site link (title) Backend 13 0 T74815

32 Add support for a wmf-ci.yaml type file for wikimedia jenkins Developer Environment 12 0 T145669

33 VE support for skins should be done by adding appropriate anchors/ids/styles to the skins, and not by editing VE itself Frontend 12 0 T155554

34 Dismantle ResourceLoader's "targets" system Frontend 12 0 T127268

35 Phabricator is unfriendly to assistive technology Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 12 0 T109

36 Complete documentation about different types of caching for extension developers Documentation 12 0 T156693

37 Define the architecture areas for MediaWiki core and platform extensions Documentation 12 0 T1287

38 Add a welcome bot to Gerrit for first time contributors Code Contribution (Process, Guidelines, etc.) 12 0 T73357

39 Convert Bugzilla's "Bug NNNNN" links to "TNNNNN" links in Phabricator Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 11 1 T687

40 Introduce and document a minimum rights hierarchy Documentation 11 0 T156789

41 Create a developer documentation special interest group Documentation 11 1 T156301

42 Provide an alternative (more declarative) way to create classes in OOJS (UI) Frontend 10 0 T156235

43 Special:MobileLanguages should be in core and called Special:Languages Frontend 10 0 T104660

44 meta=siteinfo&prop=langlinks should identify RTL languages Frontend 10 0 T74153

45 Allow to search tasks about MediaWiki core and core only (create MediaWiki umbrella project?) Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 10 1 T76942

46 All projects should have an "Open Tasks" view in their sidebar Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 10 1 T127903

47 Remove all PHP entry points from all Wikimedia-deployed extensions and skins Extensions 10 0 T140850

48 Make it easier to manage/deliver files created by extensions Extensions 10 0 T156233

49 Enable Gerrit reviewers-by-blame plugin Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 9 0 T101131

50 Deploy Sentry (JavaScript error logging) to production, configured to log only a limited subset of users/pages Frontend 8 1 T91649

51 Add global logging context Backend 8 1 T142313

52 Make it easier to create an OOUI theme Frontend 7 1 T155562

53 Phabricator silently overwrites changes (no mid-air collision/conflict detection) Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 7 1 T78236

54 Announce all creations, deletions and renaming of gerrit repos (for e.g. translatewiki.net workflow) Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 7 0 T48982

55 Add examples of the three security review processes Documentation 7 1 T156757

56 Re-evaluate how we implement phabricator's search engine Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 6 0 T146843

57 Small enhancements to current system of dumps Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 6 1 T155697

58 Implement addition of un-redirected pages to Special:NewPages and Special:NewPagesFeed Extensions 6 0 T92621

59 Set $wgLegacyJavaScriptGlobals = false by default Frontend 5 0 T35837

60 A cached server-side HTML template should update when you change a partial template which it includes Frontend 5 0 T113095

61 ApiQueryImageInfo is crufty, needs rewrite Backend 5 0 T89971

62 Duplicate tasks are not listed in or near the description of the target task Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 5 0 T883

63 Document common low level site requests (namespace + logo changes, IP throttling expectations) for potential technical contributors and advertise those docs in tasks Documentation 5 1 T126330

64 Make Monolog the default debug processing layer and deprecate wfDebug* and LegacyLogger Backend 4 0 T155552

65 Structured data side channel for wikitext Backend 4 0 T156876

66 Consolidate the many tech events calendars in Phabricator's calendar Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 4 1 T1035

67 [jsduck] Various custom tags should be easily shareable between projects Frontend 3 0 T86587

68 Remove QUnit CompletenessTest Frontend 2 0 T155194

69 [MediaWiki-commits] Reverts are not notified by gerrit Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 2 0 T49252

70 Free-form tagging in gerrit Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 2 0 T37534

71 Phabricator email notifications should bundle events as the web interface does Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 2 0 T85305

72 API's list=recentchanges should have rcrelated parameter (provide Special:RelatedChanges/Special:RecentChangesLinked functionality via API) Backend 1 0 T17552

73 Automatically add "patch-for-review" tag when `arc diff` Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 1 0 T150510

74 Cannot disable "Notify" for token award in phabricator Tools (Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) 1 0 T91289

75 Fix or replace Module:Assemble multilingual message Documentation 1 1 T156674

76 Relocate CI generated docs and coverage reports Documentation 1 0 T137890