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My Gsoc Idea for Wikimedia:


A wiki is software that allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link, and organize the content of a website, usually for reference material and it could also be used for generating new information.

With this project, I will introduce some features to make MediaWiki more research-friendly. These include Latex-2-Wiki and Bibtex-2-Wiki converters in order to import research papers and others latex documents into MW, but also improvements for exporting a Wiki-page into Latex files.


I am a last year undergraduated student in Computer Science at San Agustín National University (Arequipa, Perú).

As part of my course work I have developed latex parsers, SQL parsers, fuzzy SQL parsers and a Jay parser (Jay is a subset of the C programming language), and currently I am developing a wiki-based parser for web sites content.

As a last year undergraduated student I am writing my thesis project, for that reason I am using a MediaWiki copy installed in my computer and I have realized that this project could be helpful in this process.

I've participated in two ICPC-ACM contest (2007-2008) representing my University and I am familiar with PHP programming language, also with WM source code and its database structure.

For all above reasons I think that I will succeed in providing the mentioned features for MediaWiki.

Updated Information[edit]

Please go to my blog: [[1]]