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The speakers table consist of all the authors/speakers who have submitted their proposals. So the information concerning a speaker is stored in this table, whenever a speaker wishes to submit his/her proposal a Submission Form is presented to him/her. All the details in that form are loaded into this table, and a corresponding submission page is created for that speaker which only he has rights to modify .



Primary key for this table. Every time a submission is made a new entry is created in this table.


Foreign key to the user table(user_id). This maintains a reference to the user row in user table, so it helps in knowing about all the other relevant information about the user(or speaker in our case).
Note Note: Every speaker who wishes to submit a proposal for the conference should already have an account for this wiki.(i.e only logged in users would have the rights to submit a proposal)


This field just has a value which was submitted during the submission form.


Personal blog url of the speaker.


Country of the speaker.

Schema summary[edit]

DESCRIBE page; :

| Field                 | Type                | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
| speaker_id            | int(8) unsigned     | NO   | PRI | NULL    | auto_increment |
| speaker_ref_id        | int(10)unsigned     | NO   | UNI | NULL    |                |
| affiliation           | varchar(100)        | NO   |     | NULL    |                |
| blog_url              | varchar(200)        | NO   |     | NULL    |                |
| country               | varchar(45)         | NO   |     | NULL    |                |