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This page contains details about DASHBOARD.
DASHBOARD would be implemented with the help of a special page.
It would help admin monitor the conference. 
URL used for the dashboard would be something like http://<hostname>/<server-directory>/Special: Dashboard/conferenceName
Where the conferenceName signifies the title of the conference ,so the dashboard would be rendered with just the details of that conference.


class - SpecialConferenceDashboard(subclass of SpecialPage)
Basic workflow is as follows:-
1. SpecialDashboardPage->execute($par) - gets the conference page depending on the $par 2. from this conference page_id ,all relevant pages from the page table can be extracted 3. model objects are created from the information extracted(here by model objects I mean objects storing the content of conference wiki pages) 4. then set all the variables of the Conference(model object) object with the other model objects created in step 3.
5. now we have all the details for the conference
6. create HTML for the dashboard and fill it with the help of Conference object
7 output the HTML using $out->addHTML()
8. since there are multiple tabs on the Dashboard, so at one particular time only a specific portion of HTML will be displayed( and the rest of the job of switching HTML would be done by js and jQuery)
9. any subsequent changes made by the admin on the Dashboard will be done by the ajax calls to the API modules.

Dashboard UI[edit]

These are all the tabs that DASHBOARD would display :-


This would list all the active pages running under a particular conference. Here admin could add / delete these pages, or even could modify the title and the namespace for those pages. List of pages would be provided in links which would take the admin to those specific pages. These pages could also be modified from their respective pages where they have specially dedicated action tabs such as Delete and Move.


It will return the list of all the locations added by the admin during the Conference Setup process. Here list of events put up admin in the Conference Setup process would also be displayed. Both the events and the locations can be modified on this page.


This page is similar to what we would have in a Conference Setup process ( part two). Here new organizers could be added and old ones could be removed from the organizers category.By default organizers are placed in different categories such as Sponsorship Team , Software Team.. and many more. So for every organizer a category and a post would also be defined by the admin in this page.


This page shows the activity for all the active pages. Metrics such as how many times a page is viewed, how many times it was modified are displayed on this page.By default this activity feature is activated for all the conference pages , which can obviously be changed by admin at any time from here itself.This feature will make use of recent_changes table.


This would give admin a list of all the submissions made for this conference by different speakers. Separate submission(wiki) pages would also be created, and each submission page would display the data put up by the speaker.


Here attendees means the people who have registered for this conference via the registration forms. All the attendees information would be pulled from tables user,user_properties and page.


This would be a read-only page, admin cant modify the content on this page. It would display a list of all the speakers for this conference and their corresponding proposal information would also be shown.


If voting feature has been enabled for this conference , an admin would get to see all the voting stats. Otherwise he would be provided with settings to set up one.


This tab option would display the list of all the scholarship applicants for this conference. There wouldnt be any wiki pages for different scholarship applicants , this information would be kept private to the admin.


It would show the names of all the people who have shown interest in sponsoring for this conference along with the other relevant details.