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Monday January 30[edit]

Took the day off to recover from travel

Tuesday January 31[edit]

  • AFTv5
    • Reviewed all remaining revisions
    • Did a complete database query audit of the codebase
    • Informed Fabrice and OmniTI of review status and suggested fixes
  • Backfilled this report from the 11th
  • VisualEditor

Wednesday February 1[edit]

  • AFTv5
    • Reviewed new revisions
    • Verified that all previous concerns were addressed
    • Deployed the new code
    • Set up permissions configuration and group membership assignments
  • On Timo's request, looked into a 3rd-party font on amwiki which violated the privacy policy. Uploaded a copy of the font file, and pointed the CSS to the local copy instead. [1] [2]

Thursday February 2[edit]